The Right Honourable
Wilhuff Tarkin
Frank urquhart
Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party
Assumed office
July 2017 - present
Leader CoffeeGeek
Preceded by CoffeeGeek
Member of Parliament
Assumed office
January 2017 - present
Constituency Lincolnshire and Rutland
Shadow Secretary of State for Justice
Assumed office
November 2016 - present
Leader of the Opposition mobbsy91
Preceded by EricAteYou
Shadow Secretary of State for Defence
Assumed office
June 2017 - present
Leader of the Opposition CoffeeGeek
Preceded by jape
Personal Details
Known as Wilhuff
Nationality British
Political Party Conservative & Unionist Party
Residence Essex, United Kingdom
Profession Legal
Political Ideology

Wilhuff Tarkin is an MP and the current Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party and the current Shadow Secretary of State for Justice and Defence.

Early Career (November 2016-January 2017)

Wilhuff Tarkin first joined the Conservative Party late October 2016 and first partook in party affairs when he volunteered to proxy for CoffeeGeek from late November till early December 2016. Wilhuff subsequently began to involve himself with the party more, namely with matters of Justice. Seeing his knowledge and understanding on the topic, the leader of the Conservative Party, mobbsy91, appointed him to the Shadow Cabinet to serve as Shadow Secretary of State for Justice in late November. Wilhuff also proxied for theFinancier immediately after CoffeeGeek until January 2017.

Wilhuff went head to head with fleky6910 in an MP Election in January 2017, but lost the seat by 8-6 votes. This made no difference as he was appointed to become an MP late January 2017 and continues to serve currently.

Deputy Leader Election June 2017

Wilhuff Tarkin stood in the June 2017 Deputy Leader elections to replace CoffeeGeek after he became Leader due to mobbsy91's resignation. He stood against mysticmagic2000, a new member of the party who also stood in the election. On the 5th June, the poll was revealed and fifteen out of twenty two votes were cast in his name making him the newest Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party.


Wilhuff has submitted a few Bills to the House since he joined:

- Royal Anthem Bill 2017
- Capital Punishment Reintroduction Bill 2017

Political Beliefs

Wilhuff is a strong supporter of the death penalty for crimes such as murder, treason and rape, often criticising those who take a "soft on crime" viewpoint. Furthermore, he believes that people that are currently serving time in prison shouldn't have the right to vote in elections.

Wilhuff is also a royalist and has a strong disdain for republican sentiments.

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