The Right Honourable
Chairperson of the Liberal Party
Assumed Office
December 2017
Party Leader AFCWimbledon
Preceeded by


Secretary of State for Work and Pensions
In office
December 2016 - Present
Prime Minister CoffeeGeek
Preceded by Tommy1boy
Member of Parliament
Assumed office

Personal details
Known as Tommy
Nationality British
Political party Liberal Party
Residence Canterbury, United Kingdom
Profession Student, University of Kent

Tommy1boy is a former MP for the Conservative Party and has also served as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. He is currently a member of the Liberal Party.

Early Career (December 2015 - August 2016)

Tommy1boy joined the Model House of Commons in December 2015, opting to join the Conservative Party and becoming an MP for the party a month later. However, in July 2016, he decided to defect to the Liberal Party after disagreements with the then Conservative Party Leader LP over policy. Shortly after joining, he was appointed as the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, serving during the Conservative-Liberal Coalition

In August 2016, Tommy1boy took an extended leave from the house, not returning until the last day of March 2017.

Modern Career (March 2017 - present)

Following the election of PetrosAC to the role of Speaker in April 2017, Tommy1boy briefly flirted with the idea of standing for the role of leader, before deciding against it due to lack of activity, eventually bacing Paracosm for the role. 

Following several disagreements with Paracosm, Tommy1boy was involved in a sizeable faction of other likeminded liberals in an attempt to bring democracy to the party. Whilst not the only reason, it is believed this faction played a contributing factor in the eventual resignation of Paracosm as leader.

Tommy1boy decided to back AFCWimbledon for leader of the party. Following the resignation of Airmed as Deputy Leader, he again decided not to stand after seriously considering the idea. He decied to back PetrosAC for the role.

After the general election, Tommy1boy supported the creation of a coalition government of the Liberal, Conservative and National Conservative (formally UKIP). He was appointed Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in the first Cabinet of this Government. In December 2017, Tommy1boy was elected unanimously as Chairperson of the TSR Liberal Party, a post which he still holds today.