Personal details
Known as Goat
Nationality British
Profession Politician
Political Parties Labour Party

theunitedGOAT is a former member of the Labour Party. He was banned in May 2015 for racism and his RedManc account was banned in February 2017.

theunitedGOAT account (April 2015 - May 2015)

theunitedGOAT joined the Labour Party in April 2014, describing himself as a 'Bennite Socialist'. From the start of his membership, he proved to be a controversial figure, particularly with his far-right political views. In May, he stood in an MP election. However, he was banned before the conclusion of the election for proclaiming aggressively that all Muslims were terrorists.

RedManc account (January 2017 - February 2017)

In January 2017, theunitedGOAT returned to the Model House of Commons on a new account called RedManc. A few members, such as Quamquam123, were suspicious of him. For example, RedManc knew about the Green-UKIP-Liberal coalition government in the 21st Parliamentary Term. However, when a dupe check was run on RedManc, he passed. RedManc joined the Socialist Party for a few days before leaving without notice and joining the Labour Party. When RedManc stood in an MP election, it was discovered that he was indeed the same person as theunitedGOAT and that account was subsequently banned. Another dupe check was run on RedManc and it also showed him to be clean, which concerned members. It emerged that he had changed his IP address, which had caused such a result. In the following weeks, he created several other accounts incluidng RedSheffielder and BarnsleyBlades in the hope of returning, but all were banned.

Political Views

theunitedGOAT claimed that he was economically left-wing and socially conservative. He was a strong eurosceptic and was a strong advocate of Labour Leave. His views fit between Blue Labour and Old Labour. theunitedGOAT wanted to see a return of full employment, and he wanted to restrict immigration. His influences were Tony Benn, Denis Healey and Peter Shore.

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