The Honourable
Commie cabbages
Shadow Secretary of State for the Enviroment, Energy, Agriculture and Natural Resources
In Office
August 2016 - November 2016
Member of Parliament
Assumed office
June 2016 -
Personal details
Known as Soggy, Cabbage
Nationality British
Political party Labour
Residence England
Profession Politician
Ideology Revolultionary Socialism

De Leonism



SoggyCabbages is a Labour politician who is currently the incumbent for MP Seat 17.

Joining the Labour Party in June 2016 he quickly became an MP after multiple Labour resignations meant he did not need to enter a nomination contest.

His first significant activity was the submission of VM396, a motion encouraging the government to invest more in tidal energy.

On such a legislative high, SoggyCabbages, a man for the people embarked to reform English Crematoria, he triumphantly passed V1026.

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