Secretary of State for Transport
Unown Uzer
since 30 December 2018
Category Cabinet position
Style The Right Honourable
Transport Secretary
Inaugural holder dogtanian
Number of Transport Secretaries 28

The Transport Secretary, known in full as the Secretary of State for Transport, is an official within the Government of the United Kingdom and head of the Department for Transport. The office is a cabinet-level position. The position of Transport Secretary is currently held by Unown Uzer, who was appointed to the role by Prime Minister ns_2 on 30th December 2018.

The Transport Secretary has four strategic objectives:

  • Sustain economic growth and improved productivity through reliable and efficient transport networks.
  • Improve the environmental performance of transport.
  • Strengthen the safety and security of transport.
  • Enhance access to jobs, services, and social networks, including for the most disadvantaged people.

The Transport Secretary often works closely with the Secretary of State for the Home Department and the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs due to the overlap between their respective roles.

Statements of Intent and Departmental Reviews

Education Secretaries have produced the following statements of intent and departmental reviews:

Type Education Secretary Released Result

List of Transport Secretaries

dogtanian was appointed as the first Transport Secretary for the Liberal Democrat Party following the second general election and since him, there have been 28 other Transport Secretaries.

Transport Secretary Alternative Role Party Took office Left office
dogtanian Liberal December 2005 January 2006
Kondar Liberal January 2006 May 2006
law:portal Conservative June 2006 November 2006
Nightowl Labour June 2008 November 2008
calcium878 Conservative November 2008 May 2009
Norfolkadam Libertarian September 2010 October 2010
Nothos Conservative November 2010 March 2011
thunder_chunky Liberal April 2011 October 2011
Morgsie Liberal October 2011 March 2012
Internetguru Conservative April 2012 May 2012
Rakas21 Conservative May 2012 September 2012
tufc UKIP April 2013 August 2013
Tactical Nuclear Penguin UKIP September 2013 March 2014
Mechie Labour April 2014 October 2014
Saracen's Fez Labour May 2015 July 2015
Actaeon Liberal July 2015 August 2015
emiloujess (combined with Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government) Liberal October 2015 November 2015
Tahret (combined with Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government) Liberal November 2015 December 2015
United1892 Labour December 2015 February 2016
LovepreetDhillon Labour February 2016 April 2016
Joep95 Minister for Transport Liberal April 2016 June 2016
Rakas21 Secretary of State for Infrastructure Conservative April 2016 August 2016
CheeseIsVeg Labour November 2016 February 2017
GaelicBolshevik Secretary of State for Transport, Infrastructure and Nationalisation (February – August 2017)

Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Housing (August – November 2017)

Socialist February 2017 November 2017
Jarred Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Food, Energy and Environment Liberal December 2017 March 2018
04MR17 Secretary of State for Infrastructure Liberal March 2018 June 2018
CoffeeAndPolitics Secretary of State for Infrastructure Conservative June 2018 September 2018
Andrew97 Secretary of State for Infrastructure Conservative September 2018 December 2018
Unown Uzer Independent December 2018 incumbent