Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Fez image
Saracen's Fez
since 27 February 2017
Category Cabinet position
Style The Right Honourable
Foreign Secretary
Inaugural holder ChemistBoy
Number of Foreign Secretaries 24

The Foreign Secretary, known in full as the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, is a senior official within the Government of the United Kingdom and head of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The office is a cabinet-level position, and is considered one of the Great Offices of State, one of four positions that every Government must include. The current Foreign Secretary is Saracen's Fez, who was appointed by Prime Minister RayApparently on 27 February 2017.


The Foreign Secretary has three strategic objectives:

  • Safeguarding the UK’s national security by countering terrorism and weapons proliferation, and working to reduce conflict.
  • Building the UK’s prosperity by increasing exports and investment, opening markets, ensuring access to resources, and promoting sustainable global growth.
  • Supporting British nationals around the world through modern and efficient consular services.

The Foreign Secretary's traditional role was to respond to events that occured in the Model United Nations. More recently however, their role has been more focused on preparing strategies to respond to real life events. This can range from . As such, the Foreign Secretaries traditionally make more miniature statements than other Cabinet members and fewer bills. The Foreign Secretary often works closely with the Secretary of State for Defence due to the overlap between their respective roles. The Foreign Secretary is also expected to serve as one of the ten members on the Crisis Committee.

Statements of Intent and Departmental Reviews

Foreign Secretaries have produced the following statements of intent and departmental reviews:

Type Foreign Secretary Released Result
Statement of Intent toronto353 April 2012 Passed without vote
Statement of Intent Aph March 2015 Passed without vote
Statement of Intent Saracen's Fez March 2017 Passed without vote

List of Foreign Secretaries

ChemistBoy was appointed as the first Foreign Secretary for the Liberal Democrat Party following the second general election and since him, there have been 23 other Foreign Secretaries.

Foreign Secretary Alternative Role Party Took office Left office
ChemistBoy Liberal December 2005 May 2006
JonathanH Conservative June 2006 November 2006
Jangrafess Labour December 2007 May 2008
geetar Liberal June 2008 November 2008
Llamaaa Conservative November 2008 May 2009
tucker672 Conservative December 2009 April 2010
adamrules247 Conservative April 2010 October 2010
Jake Pearson Libertarian November 2010 March 2011
toronto353 UKIP April 2011 October 2011
Agent Smirnoff Labour October 2011 March 2012
toronto353 UKIP April 2012 September 2012
eff01 Labour October 2012 March 2013
Moleman1996 Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and International Trade and Development Conservative April 2013 August 2013
Qwertish Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and International Trade and Development Conservative September 2013 March 2014
RoryS Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and International Trade and Development Labour April 2014 October 2014
St. Brynjar Green October 2014 February 2015
Aph Green February 2015 April 2015
Snufkin Liberal May 2015 July 2015
toronto353 Liberal July 2015 August 2015
junaidk7 Labour October 2015 December 2015
JoeL1994 Liberal December 2015 July 2016
PetrosAC Liberal July 2016 October 2016
Rakas21 Conservative
October 2016
cranbrook_aspie Socialist November 2016 February 2017
Saracen's Fez Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and International Development Labour February 2017 Incumbent

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