The Honourable
Rex Onocrotalus
Member of Parliament
In office
July 2016 - present
Personal details
Known as Rex, George
Nationality British
Profession Politician
Political Parties Labour Party

Rex Onocrotalus (formerly known as george_c00per) is an MP for the Labour Party.

Early Career (May 2016 - present)

Rex joined the Model House of Commons in May 2016, having been recruited by Quamquam123. He was put forward as the Labour Party's candidate for By-Election VII. His manifesto promised to create a bracketed system of corporation tax, ensure that all state-educated students learn the National curriculum from properly qualified teachers and reform trade unions. After a lengthy delay on the part of the Community Team, it was finally announced that he had won the election, gaining a third of the vote in the process.

Political Views

Rex's main political aims are pacifism, equality and democracy. Economically, he is left-wing and socially, he is a social libertarian. Rex's political influences are Dennis Skinner and Jeremy Corbyn.