Respect Party
Last Leader Kayz
Founded May 2005
Dissolved October 2006
Ideology Democratic Socialism
Trade Unionism
Political position Left-Wing
Colours      Green
House of Commons

The Respect Party (sometimes shortened to RESPECT) were a left-wing party that was dissolved in October 2006.


In May 2005, Kayz created the Respect Party. Some of their policies included an end to foreign expeditions (such as in Iraq), affordable housing, and more investment in both the education system and the NHS. In the previous month, she had expressed her support for the real life equivalent. However, despite gaining a couple of seats in the November 2005 General Election and a seat in the May 2006 General Election, the party did not properly get off the ground and due to inactivity, they were shut down in October 2006 by then-Speaker bikerx23.

In December 2008, it initially appeared as though Anony mouse had forward her proposal to form the party once more. However, a few days later, it was revealed that she had been joking.

Electoral performance

The Respect Party stood in 2 General Elections, with its best performance coming in the November 2005 General Election where it won 2 seats.

This table shows how RESPECT performed in General Elections before its closure in June 2006:

Election Votes Vote % Rank Seats Change in Seats Outcome of Election
November 2005 9 3.08% 7th
N/A Liberal Democrat Minority
May 2006 11 2.95% 9th
Decrease 1 Conservative-Monster Raving Loony Coalition


Kayz was the first and last Leader of the Respect Party.

Leader Took office Left office
Kayz May 2005 June 2006

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