Rejected Submissions
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Created 5 May 2013
Number of rejected submissions 19
Rejected Submissions

Rejected Submissions is a thread, found in the Division Lobby that keeps a record of all items submitted to the Speaker in the past that have been deemed inappropriate or unsuitable. Usually the Speaker decides whether or not to reject an item but occasionally, the Community Team may intervene. The thread was set up in May 2013 by then-Speaker Jarred and has been updated when necessary ever since. If members have queries regarding the rejection of an item, they are free to raise them in the Ask the Speaker thread. Not all submissions are rejected straight away - some are only removed if several members raise concerns about them.

As one would expect, members have not been pleased in the past when their submissions have been rejected and sometimes the rejection of submissions can lead to an uproar from the House. The most famous example of this was in November 2016 following the rejection of 2 joke bills created by SoggyCabbages. Members claimed that the then-Speaker Saracen's Fez was being too fussy, and mobbsy91 and Jammy Duel even suggested proposing a Motion of No Confidence in the Speaker.

List of rejected submissions

Since the creation of the rejected submissions archive, 19 items have been rejected. It is worth noting though that the British Security Bill, the Drawn Pornographic Images Bill and the Enabling Bill were not recorded in the rejected submissions thread.

Title of item Type of item Submitter Submitted Reason for rejection
TSR Parliament European Relations Motion Motion The Mad Dog 5 May 2013 The day before this was submitted, the same issue in bill form was voted down was the House.
Petition for the reinstatement of tehFrance Petition Cheese_Monster 16 May 2013 The situation regarding tehFrance was not a political matter and could not be fixed by the Government.
Northern Ireland Beach Litter Motion StatusRed 11 June 2013 It bore too much resembleance to a real life EDM and it was believed that it would not stimulate a reasonable amount of debate.
Edward Snowdon Flight Ban Motion Labour Party 19 June 2013 It did not call on the Government to do anything and did not present much opportunity for discussion.
Abortion in Northern Ireland Motion Labour Party 25 July 2013 It called on the Government to do something which had already been achieved in the Abortion (Amendment) Act 2012.
Motion of No Confidence in the Speaker - Faland Motion of No Confidence notneb, Life_peer, StatusRed 15 June 2014 Just minutes before its submission, Faland had a successful Motion of Confidence passed in them as Speaker.
Motion on the Scottish referendum Motion Cryptographic 11 September 2014 It should have been submitted in the form of an amendment, not a motion.
British Security Bill Bill Saoirse:3 3 August 2016 The bill's aim to prevent gay and transgender people from entering the country was deemed inappropriate.
Drawn Pornographic Images Bill Bill Socialist Party 17 August 2016 The bill's aim to relax the laws on pornography was deemed inappropriate.
Privatisation of Vermin Bill Bill Socialist Party 8 September 2016 The Monarch was referred to as a 'German whore'.
Crisis Committee Improvement Amendment Amendment Jacob E 23 October 2016 It attempted to render the Crisis Committee useless without officially abolishing it. Also, an amendment to close to the committee had just failed.
Representation of the People (Amendment) Bill Bill SoggyCabbages 26 November 2016 The bill's aim to disenfranchise the female sex was deemed inappropriate.
Work Rehabilitation Centres Bill Bill SoggyCabbages 27 November 2016 The bill's aim to force the unemployed to go to work camps for the rest of their lives was deemed inappropriate.
Motion of No Confidence in the Speaker - Saracen's Fez Motion of No Confidence SoggyCabbages 11 January 2017 Saracen's Fez had already announced his resignation as Speaker and the Motion of No Confidence would have concluded after he had left the post.
Enabling Bill Bill SoggyCabbages 26 January 2017 The bill's pro-Nazi sentiment was deemed inappropriate.
Border Wall and Fleky Prevention Bill Bill Michael_Fishy 30 June 2017 The bill's accusation that a member of the House was a security threat was deemed unacceptable.
Jury Service Bill (second reading) Bill Green Party 1 September 2017 The first reading of the bill had a full week in cessation and the Greens then waited a further six days before submitting.
Corrosive Substances Bill (third reading) Bill Government 6 September 2017 The second reading was released a full twenty days ago and was then either in cessation for a full week or withdrawn.