Prime Minister
since 4 June 2018
Category Government position
Style The Right Honourable
Inaugural Prime Minister 2 + 2 = 5
Number of Prime Ministers 35

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (often shortened to Prime Minister or PM) is the head of Her Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom. The Prime Minister is responsible for running the Government and ultimately, the country. The Prime Minister holds the authority to call a general election, providing Parliament does not expire first. The current Prime Minister, Life_peer, Leader of the Conservative Party, took office on 4 June 2018.

The leader of the party which tops the general election standings is typically the person who becomes the next Prime Minister and if there is more than one party in government, the coalition leaders will decide amongst themselves who will become Prime Minister. This is most often the leader of the largest coalition party.

If the Prime Minister initially elected following a general election resigns or is removed, and there is any contention within the Government as to the appointment of a permanent replacement, the Speaker shall hold a poll of Government MPs to resolve the issue. If the Government has not submitted in advance a system by which a temporary replacement will be appointed, the Speaker will make a decision in case of contention as to who an Acting Prime Minister will be. The most famous example of a member illegally declaring themselves Prime Minister was in Aphgate II. In August 2015, Jammy Duel created an amendment to introduce a clear procedure for people becoming Acting Prime Minister.


As Head of the Government, the Prime Minister leads the Cabinet and their main role is to appoint all the members within the Cabinet. Depending on coalition terms, the Prime Minister may allow party leaders of coalition partners to pick a few Cabinet members for themselves. The Cabinet itself can be as small or large as the Prime Minister wishes but it must include positions for the Treasury, the Home Office, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. In the House of Commons, the Prime Minister guides the law-making process with the goal of enacting the legislative agenda of their political party and the government. The Prime Minister may also wish to get heavily involved in the co-ordination of the policies and activities of the various government departments. Prime Ministers themselves may also wish to take a Cabinet role but if they do, it is often a minor one.

One responsibility that Prime Ministers must undertake is Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs). PMQs take place sporadically, when the Prime Minster wants them to take place. All members can ask the Prime Minister one question, all MPs can ask the Prime Minister one question with a follow-up, and the Leader of the Opposition who can ask two questions with a follow-up for each. The Prime Minister is obliged to answer all the questions they are asked. PMQs last for 24 hours unless the Prime Minister asks for them to be extended. If the Prime Minister is unavailable for PMQs, the Deputy Prime Minister or the Chancellor may take their place. The Prime Minister may also nominate other government ministers to hold their own Ministerial Questions.

List of Prime Ministers

2 + 2 = 5, the then-Leader of the Liberal Party, first assumed the position of Prime Minister following his party's triumph at the first general election in May 2005. Since him, there have been 34 other Prime Ministers.

Prime Minister Party Took office Left office Parliament
2 + 2 = 5 Liberal Democrat May 2005 January 2006 I
Daragh January 2006 March 2006
NDGAARONDI March 2006 May 2006
Bismarck Conservative June 2006 October 2006 III
SolInvictus October 2006 November 2006
Acaila Monster Raving Loony December 2006 December 2007 IV
Randdom Labour December 2007 February 2008 VI
Jangrafess February 2008 May 2008
Eru Iluvatar Liberal Democrat June 2008 July 2008 VII
Budgie July 2008 October 2008
veggie4life October 2008 November 2008
UniOfLife Conservative November 2008 VIII
Davireland November 2008 May 2009
No government in place IX
Thunder and Jazz Liberal Democrat November 2009 January 2010 X
Afcwimbledon2 January 2010 March 2010
Matthew Lowson March 2010 April 2010
L i b Conservative May 2010 December 2010 XI
Nothos December 2010 February 2011
Indievertigo February 2011 April 2011
ByronicHero Labour April 2011 May 2011 XIII
DayneD89 May 2011 February 2012
Mechie February 2012 March 2012
Rakas21 Conservative March 2012 September 2012 XV
Mechie Labour September 2012 March 2013 XVI
Rakas21 Conservative April 2013 October 2013 XVII
Qwertish October 2013 April 2014
Saoirse:3 Labour April 2014 XIX
That Bearded Man April 2014 October 2014
Superunknown17 Green October 2014 February 2015 XX
Blue Meltwater February 2015 April 2015
RayApparently Labour May 2015 July 2015 XXI
Kittiara Green July 2015 August 2015
No government in place
RayApparently Labour October 2015 November 2015 XXII
Saracen's Fez November 2015 April 2016
Life_peer Conservative April 2016 October 2016 XXIII
RayApparently Labour November 2016 July 2017 XXIV
Saracen's Fez July 2017 December 2017
CoffeeGeek Conservative December 2017 March 2018 XXVI
PetrosAC Liberal March 2018 June 2018
Life_peer Conservative June 2018 incumbent XXVII