Member of Parliament
Assumed office
March 2017
Personal details
Known as Pearce
Nationality British
Profession Politician
Political Parties Labour Party

PearceVDC is an MP for the Labour Party.

Early Career (March 2017 - present)

PearceVDC joined the Model House of Commons in March 2017. He was initially unsure whether to join the Conservative Party or the Labour Party but decided to opt for the latter. Within weeks, he was serving as a proxy MP and was quickly elected as a permanent MP.

Political Views

Pearce has a mixed social stance. He is pro-LGBT rights and is concerned about poverty, homelessness and social deprivation. However, he is critical of identity politics, mass immigration and some aspects of multiculturalism. He is also in favour of Brexit. Economically, he is in favour of government intervention when needed. In particular, he would like to rebalance spending across the country, investing more in the North and the Midlands. Finally, Pearce also supports prioritising the creation of high-tech jobs, a good education system and efficient transport systems.

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