National Conservatives
Leader Vitiate

May 2005 (reformed in November 2009 as Patriotic Conservative Party. Became UKIP again in April 2010. Reformed in Janaury 2018 as National Conservative party)

Dissolved August 2018
Membership Classified
Ideology Social conservatism
Economic Liberalism
Political position Centre Right to Right Wing
Colours      Purple
House of Commons
National Conservatives

"When people stand up and talk about the great success that the EU has been, I'm not sure anybody saying it really believes it themselves anymore." - Nigel Farage

The National Conservative Party (formerly UKIP) was one of the political parties of the MHoC. The last leader, who shut the party down was Vitiate.

The National Conservatives were generally a decently-sized party outside of The Big Three (Labour, Conservatives, Liberals), competing with the Libertarians for forth. 

However, with the turmoil of Brexit and defections to other parties, the parties membership and activity is largely in decline, being currently unable to elect a Deputy Leader since Hazzer1998's resignation of the position and defection to the Liberal Party.

They participated in the first TSR General Election in 2005. A relaunch of the party took place in 2010 on a change of name by the TSR Patriotic Conservative Party founded a year earlier. Despite initially being the smallest party in terms of both MPs and members, the National Conservatives in recent times has been one the most active party with the highest output of legislation when measured per capita, and when measured as a figure.

In January 2018 they changed their name from UKIP to the National Conservatives. However, over six months later under Vitiate, a vote was put to the party that resulted in its closure, marking an end of an era in the Model House of Commons.

Electoral performance

Election Votes Vote % Rank Seats Change in Seats Outcome of Election
June 2017 12 5.8% 5th
Decrease 3  ?


There have been 10 National Conservative Leaders to date with Don Scott being the first one and Vitiate being the last. bun and toronto353 are the only Leaders to have served on two occasions. No National Conservative Leader has yet served as Prime Minister.

Leader Took office Left office
Don Scott October 2009 February 2010
abucha3 February 2010 June 2010
bun June 2010 July 2010
ByronicHero July 2010 November 2010
toronto353 November 2010 July 2013
Tactical Nuclear Penguin July 2013 October 2013
toronto353 October 2013 June 2014
bun June 2014 July 2014
adam9317 July 2014 September 2015
Jacob E September 2015 May 2016
Unown Uzer May 2016 November 2017
mr T 999 November 2017 May 2018
Vitiate May 2018 August 2018

Deputy Leaders

The position of Deputy Leader was created in October 2009. However, it was finally abolished in November 2017 until new Leader Vitiate reinstated the position.

There were 13 National Conservative Deputy Leaders with Seven_Three being the first one and Saunders16 being the last. notneb served as Deputy Leader over three separate stints.

Deputy Leaders who also served as Leader at some point are marked with an asterisk.

Deputy Leader Took office Left office
Seven_Three October 2009 February 2010
bun* February 2010 April 2010
Chiggy321 April 2010 May 2010
Don Scott* May 2010 June 2010
lotpp June 2010 November 2010
Life_peer December 2010 October 2013
Afcwimbledon2 October 2013 April 2014
notneb May 2014 June 2014
adam9317* June 2014 July 2014
notneb August 2014 November 2014
Jacob E* December 2014 September 2015
Unown Uzer* October 2015 April 2016
notneb April 2016 June 2016


July 2016 December 2016
mr T 999 October 2017 November 2017
Saunders16 May 2018 August 2018
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