MHoC Awards
Category Awards Ceremony
Takes Place Once a term
Run By Speaker of the Commons
Current Number of Awards Available 7

The MHoC Awards are a termly event that take place to commemorate the qualities that certain members displayed in the previous parliamentary term. They typically take place a few weeks into a new term and the whole process takes approximately 9 days.

When the Speaker first notifies the House that the MHoC Awards will be taking place, they will typically remind the members of the different award categories and that anyone can be nominated for an award but a few rules apply:

  • A member can only nominate one person for a particular award.
  • Only members who meaningfully begun to take part in the MHoC in the previous term can be nominated for the Newbie Award.
  • A member cannot nominate themself for an award.
  • Nominations must be sent by private message to the Speaker.

Each term Jacob E holds the unofficial Alternative MHoC Awards to award members with joke awards based on the events of the previous term.


The first set of of MHoC Awards was set up in December 2009 by the then-Speaker DayneD89 to honour members in the House for having particular qualities in that year. They were nicknamed the 'TSR HoC Oscars'. Members posted in the thread which member they wanted to nominate for each category. For the MHoC Awards for 2011, the Speaker asked members to send them their nominations by private message instead. There were no MHoC Awards for 2013.

The MHoC Awards were brought back in October 2014 by then-Speaker Faland. However, the format had been changed so that instead of awarding members for the last year, it would be for the last parliamentary term. Since these awards for the 19th Parliamentary Term took place, the MHoC Awards have become a regular fixture in the MHoC calendar. At the Awards for the 20th Parliament, for the first time, the awards were voted on in the Division Lobby.

Award Winners

There are currently 7 categories that make up the MHoC Awards. They are: Debater of the Parliament, Newbie of the Parliament, Award for Best Legislation, Comedian of the Parliament, Drunkard of the Parliament, Mr/Ms Congeniality and the Speaker's Award. There is also a decennial award called Member of the Decade. There are 3 awards that are know defunct. They are: the Member of the Year, Most Knowledgable Member and the Award for Best Motion. As well as the awards that are given out as part of the MHoC Awards, Member of the Month contests have also been held intermittently in the MHoC's history. However, these are not currently in operation.

Debater of the Parliament

This award is for the member whose sheer wit and dazzling persuasion have left people in absolute awe.

Winner Year/Parliament that the Award is for
Adorno 2009
Adorno 2010
jesusandtequila 2011
Faland 2012
Cryptographic 19th Parliament
RayApparently 20th Parliament

Jacob E
Jammy Duel

21st Parliament
TheDefiniteArticle 22nd Parliament
RayApparently 23rd Parliament
24th Parliament
TheDefiniteArticle 25th Parliament

Newbie of the Parliament

This award is for a member who, though unheard of six months ago, has made the best impression since then. It has also been known as the 'Most Impressive New Arival' and 'Best Newcomer'.

Winner Year/Parliament that the Award is for
Kolya 2009
simonrinsley 2010
Wilzman 2011
Mazzini 2012
clh_hilary 19th Parliament
CescaD96 (Airmed) 20th Parliament
thehistorybore 21st Parliament
Quamquam123 22nd Parliament


23rd Parliament
Count Bezukhov
24th Parliament
CatusStarbright 25th Parliament

Award for Best Legislation

This award is for a showstopping tract of legalese that made people go all weak at the knees. It was previously known as 'Bill of the Year'.

Winner Year/Parliament that the Award is for
B203 - Education Reform Bill 2009 2009
B308 - Free Oral for the Elderly Bill 2010 2010
B360 - Marriages and Civil Partnerships Reform Bill 2011 2011
B487 - Nuclear Weapon Abolition Bill 2012 2012
B706 - Abolition of the Monarchy Bill 2014 19th Parliament
B724 - Sovereign Wealth Fund Bill 2014 20th Parliament
B783 - Business Development (BIB) Bill 2015 21st Parliament
B876 - Divorce Bill 2015 22nd Parliament

B1015 - Railways Bill 2016
B1033 - Assisted Dying Bill 2016

23rd Parliament
B1099 - Organ Donation Bill 2017 24th Parliament
B1239 - Educational Indoctrination Bill 2017 25th Parliament

Comedian of the Parliament

This award is for the wittiest member whose contributions always give the House a few lighter moments.

Winner Parliament that the Award is for
KingStannis 21st Parliament
hazzer1998 22nd Parliament
Life_peer 23rd Parliament
Jacob E 24th Parliament
Life_peer 25th Parliament

Drunkard of the Parliament

This award is for the MHoC's resident drink lover who can do a superb Eric Joyce impression. Until the introduction of the Comedian of the Parliament for the 21st Parliament awards, it also used to double up as the Comedian award. Despite previously being called the 'Biggest Drinker' award, the Drunkard of the Parliament award should not be confused with the Biggest Drinker title.

Winner Year/Parliament that the Award is for
DayneD89 2009
ByronicHero 2010
ByronicHero 2011
tehFrance 2012
barnetlad 19th Parliament
Tanqueray91 20th Parliament
Jammy Duel 21st Parliament
Jammy Duel 22nd Parliament
Tanqueray91 23rd Parliament
Bornblue 24th Parliament
hazzer1998 25th Parliament

Mr/Ms Congeniality

This award is for the nicest member of the House.

Winner Parliament that the Award is for
That Bearded Man 19th Parliament
Kittiara 20th Parliament
Kittiara 21st Parliament
RayApparently 22nd Parliament
Quamquam123 23rd Parliament
Quamquam123 24th Parliament
TeeEff 25th Parliament

The Speaker's Award

This is an honorary award for the member who's caught the Speaker's eye the most. This award has traditionally been given a different nickname for each Speaker since the 19th Parliament Awards: the order of Lenin under Faland, the Order of Gladstone under Birchington, the Order of Gaitskell under Saracen's Fez and the Order of Disraeli under Rakas21. The award was not given out in the MHoC Awards for the 22nd Parliament.

Winner Reason Year/Parliament that the Award is for
Nothos For helping out the Deputy Speaker with both their role and personal matters. 2009
Wednesday Bass For always posting in debates, having an excellent voting record and being an all round friendly member. 2010
ByronicHero for his contributions to the House and being a good source of entertainment and TheCrackInTime for stepping in to serve as Speaker when necessary and for his many helpful suggestions. 2011
Metrobeans for his work behind the scenes and being a 'great all round guy', ByonicHero also for his work behind the scenes for the House and TheCrackInTime for ensuring the House ran as smoothly as possible during his time as Speaker. 2012
Jarred For serving as Speaker for 16 months, giving helpful advice and having 'superhuman patience' 19th Parliament

Jacob E

Both were active debaters and 'legislation machines' 20th Parliament

Jammy Duel
Saracen's Fez

Both made significant efforts during the EU referendum campaign and helped to trigger a high-quality debate on both sides 21st Parliament
Jacob E For the number of bills he submitted and for maintaining high levels of activity. 23rd Parliament
CoffeeGeek In one term he rose from being relatively new to the MHoC to becoming leader of the Conservative Party and he was a prolific bill writer in that term too. 24th Parliament
Jacob E
LifeIsFine for providing crucial evidence that allowed the Speaker to prevent several events from happening that could have caused the House instability and Nigel for stopping a potential Green-Libertarian merger which the Speaker did not approve of. 25th Parliament

Member of the Decade

As part of the 20th Parliament awards, then-Speaker Birchington introduced the Member of the Decade award. This award was given to the greatest member to grace the MHoC in it's first 10 years.

Winner Decade that the Award is for
Rakas21 2005 - 2015

Member of the Year

Now defunct, this award recognised the best overall performance in the House. It was the only award introduced before the MHoC Awards were officially created. This award was renamed to the Member of the Term. It was abolished in 2012.

Winner Year/Parliament that the Award is for
daniel_williams 2008
DayneD89 2009
Drogue 2010
Metrobeans 2011
Drogue 13th Parliament
Morgsie 14th Parliament
Faland 16th Parliament

Most Knowledgeable Member

Now defunct, this award recognised the member with the most political know-how. This award was only given out in the MHoC Awards for 2009.

Winner Year that the Award is for
Adorno 2009

Award for Best Motion

Now defunct, this award recognised the best motion produced. This award was only given out in the MHoC Awards for 2012.

Winner Year that the Award is for
M133 - International Ban of Antibiotics as Growth Promoters 2012

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