The Honourable
Member of Parliament
Assumed office
November 2016
Personal details
Known as LiF
Nationality British
Profession Politician
Political Parties Liberal Party

LifeIsFine is a member of the Liberal Party and currently serves as an MP.

Early Career (July 2016 - present)

LifeIsFine joined the Model House of Commons in July 2016, opting to join the Liberal Party. When making his choice, he described his social stance as liberal and economically, he was in favour of low corporation tax. Also, he declared that he was pro-immigration.

Following the election of PetrosAC to the position of Speaker of the Commons in April 2017, LifeisFine put his name into the hat to become its next leader. He stood against Conceited. The election resulted in no winner, with RON getting the most votes. He indicated and then followed through with his decision not to stand in the subsequent election.


  • He wrote the Liberal Party Sexual Health Motion 2017 (M430). It passed with a vote of 19 to 15, with 15 abstentions.
  • He wrote the Liberal Party Metropolitan Green Belt Reform Bill 2017 (V1180). It passed with a vote of 29 to 13, with 6 abstentions.