In both the past and present, there have been MHoC members who are utterly devoted to their respective roles. Below you can find a list of members with lengthy tenures, who either have served or are serving in a particular position for over 12 months. Members who are currently serving in that position are marked with an asterisk.

Member Party Role Tenure
toronto353 N/A Deputy Speaker 52 months
Acaila Monster Raving Loony Leader 48 months
toronto353 UKIP Leader 39 months
Life_peer UKIP Deputy Leader 37 months
bun Conservative Chairman 33 months
Nefarious Monster Raving Loony Deputy Leader 30 months
RayApparently Labour Leader 27 months
Metrobeans N/A Speaker 25 months
Life_peer Conservative Leader 21 months
Birchington Liberal Leader 20 months
nixonjellybeans Socialist Deputy Commissar 20 months
Republic1 Socialist Commissar for External Affairs 20 months
TheCrackInTime N/A Deputy Speaker 20 months
Rakas21 Conservative Leader 20 months
Andy98 Green Leader 20 months
UniofLife Conservative Leader 19 months
badger-man Socialist Commissar for Internal Affairs 18 months
Mechie Labour Leader 18 months
DMcGovern* Socialist Commissar for External Affairs 19 months
Saracen's Fez Labour Chair 17 months
daniel_williams N/A Deputy Speaker 17 months
Cardozo Labour Leader 16 months
Jarred N/A Speaker 16 months
Smack Centre Leader 16 months
Stricof Socialist Commissar for External Affairs 16 months
mobbsy91 Conservative Deputy Leader 16 months
PetrosAC Liberal Leader 16 months
TopHat Labour Deputy Leader 15 months
Unown Uzer* UKIP Leader 15 months
adam9317 UKIP Leader 14 months
Eru Iluvatar Liberal Democrat Leader 14 months
Lefty Leo Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader 14 months
Rhadamanthus Libertarian Leader 14 months
Thunder_chunky Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader 14 months
DayneD89 N/A Deputy Speaker 13 months
Kayz Respect Leader 13 months
RoryS Labour Deputy Leader 13 months
RoryS Labour Reserve Deputy Leader 13 months

This information is accurate as of August 2017.

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