Leader of the Opposition
Saracen's Fez
since 17 December 2017
Category Opposition position
Style The Right Honourable
Inaugural Leader of the Opposition MC
Number of Leaders of the Opposition 28

The Leader of Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition (more commonly known as the Leader of the Opposition) is the politician who leads the official opposition in the United Kingdom. The Leader of the Opposition by convention leads the largest party not within the government: where one party wins outright this is the party leader of the second largest political party in the House of Commons. The current Leader of the Opposition is Saracen's Fez, Leader of the Labour Party, who assumed the role on 17 December 2017.

The main responsibility of the Leader of the Opposition is to hold the Prime Minister to account and to scrutinise the actions of the Cabinet. To help them do this, they have the ability to ask the Prime Minister two questions at question times. The Leader of the Opposition also has the power to send statements of intent to vote. The Leader of the Opposition is also in charge of appointing members to the Shadow Cabinet. In the past, Shadow Cabinet coalitions have occured but now usually only one party fills the Shadow Cabinet positions.

List of Leaders of the Opposition

As the then-Leader of the Labour Party, MC became the first Leader of the Opposition following the first general election and since him, there have been 26 other Leaders of the Opposition.

Leader of the Opposition Party Took office Left office
MC Labour
May 2005
xx_ambellina_xx Labour May 2005 November 2005
Deej2 Conservative December 2005 April 2006
Roger Kirk Labour June 2006 November 2006
Teehar Liberal December 2006 April 2007
NDGAARONDI Liberal April 2007 May 2007
Randdom Labour May 2007 December 2007
Deej2 Conservative December 2007 February 2008
Unioflife Conservative February 2008 November 2008
ukebert Socialist November 2008 January 2009
Alasdair Socialist January 2009 May 2009
Adorno Labour December 2009 April 2010
Matthew_Lowson Liberal May 2010 August 2010
Student2806 Liberal August 2010 October 2010
Adorno Labour November 2010 December 2010
Thunder and Jazz Labour December 2010 March 2011
Indievertigo Conservative April 2011 November 2011
Orange Stu Conservative November 2011 February 2012
Rakas21 Conservative February 2012 March 2012
Mechie Labour April 2012 September 2012
Rakas21 Conservative September 2012 March 2013
Mechie Labour April 2013 August 2013
Saoirse:3 Labour September 2013 March 2014
Qwertish Conservative April 2014 October 2014
Cryptographic Conservative November 2014 February 2015
Life_peer Conservative February 2015 July 2015
RayApparently Labour July 2015 August 2015
Life_peer Conservative October 2015 April 2016
Saracen's Fez Labour April 2016 May 2016
Quamquam123 Labour May 2016 June 2016
RayApparently Labour June 2016 November 2016
Tanqueray91 Conservative November 2016 June 2017
CoffeeGeek Conservative June 2017 December 2017
Saracen's Fez Labour December 2017 incumbent