The Right Honourable
Chair of the Crisis Committee
Assumed office
February 2017
Preceded by PetrosAC
Minister for Transport
In office
April 2016 - June 2016
Prime Minister Life_peer
Preceded by LovepreetDhillon
Succeeded by CheeseIsVeg
Secretary of State for Health
In office
June 2016 - July 2016
Prime Minister Life_peer
Preceded by Airmed
Succeeded by MattElves
Member of Parliament
In office
May 2016 - January 2017
Personal details
Known as Joe
Nationality British
Profession Politician
Political Parties Liberal Party (January 2016 - January 2017)
Libertarian Party (February 2017 - present)

Green Party (March 2017 - present)

joecphillips is the current Chair of the Crisis Committee and a dual member of theh Green Party the Libertarian Party, with whom he served as Acting Deputy Leader and Spokesperson for Civil Liberty & Culture.

Early Career (January 2016 - January 2017)

joecphillips joined the Model House of Commons in January 2016 and opted to join the Liberal Party. He became an MP in May 2016. In the 23rd Government, Joe was as Minister for Transport by Prime Minister Life_peer. He served in this role until June 2016, when he was given the new position of Secretary of State for Health. Joe also stood in a few chairship elections during his time in the party but was unsuccessful in his attempts. In July, joecphillips voted against the Government's Trade Union and Strike Action Bill, along with JoeL1994. When the bill failed, Life_peer urged PetrosAC to remove them both from the Cabinet, which the latter did.

Libertarian Party and Green Party (January 2017 - May 2017)

When ByronicHero first put forward his proposal for a new Libertarian Party in January 2017, joecphillips decided he wanted to try something different so he left the Liberal Party. When the party was formed the following month, joecphillips joined the new party, briefly serving as interim Deputy Leader and the party's Spokesperson for Civil Liberty & Culture. He contested the leadership and deputy leadership elections but did not succeed in getting elected. Later that month however, joecphillips assumed the role of Chair of the Crisis Committee, following the resignation of PetrosAC. At the end of March, Joe joined the Green Party as a dual member. Many MHoC members had been calling for the party to be shut down due to its inactivity but joecphillips stated "I want them to survive." Andy98, the Leader, faced criticism from people including RayApparently and PetrosAC for admitting him.

Independent Campaign (May 2017-present)

On the 30th May 2017 he left the libertarians to try a independent campaign for parliament 25.

Political Views

Socially, Joe believes in immigration for skilled work as long as their views are compatible with Britain. He is not to concerned about drug legalisation. However, if it did happen, he would like it to be heavily regulated. He also believes in legalised euthanasia (providing several safeguards are in place) and the principle of anonymity until found guilty. Economically, he thinks the Government should ensure everyone is paid what they are supposed to and aim to cut out the loopholes that some people exploit. Finally, he is in favour of Brexit and bombing against Isis in Syria.

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