Government Chief Whip
Category Cabinet position
Style The Right Honourable
Chief Whip
Inaugural holder Jarred
Number of Government Chief Whips 13

The Government Chief Whip is an official within the Government of the United Kingdom. The Chief Whip of the largest governing party in coalition normally assumes the role of Government Chief Whip. The current Government Chief Whip is [NAME], who was appointed by Prime Minister CoffeeGeek on 21st February 2018 following the resignation of Vitiate.

The role and responsibilities of the Chief Whip can drastically change between governments but they often remind government MPs to vote, advise them on how to vote, and command them to vote a certain way (if the Prime Minister wishes so).

The Government Chief Whip is assisted by the Deputy Chief Whip who carries out their tasks in their absence. At the moment, PetrosAC serves as Deputy Chief Whip.

List of Government Chief Whips

Jarred was appointed as the first official Government Chief Whip for the Conservative Party following the fifteenth general election and since him, there have been 11 other Government Chief Whips.

Government Chief Whip Party Took office Left office
Jarred Conservative April 2012 September 2012
The Legal Eagle Labour October 2014 July 2015
JoeL1994 UKIP July 2015 August 2015
adam9317 UKIP July 2015 August 2015
Saracen's Fez Labour October 2015 November 2015
Saoirse:3 Labour December 2015 January 2016
cranbrook_aspie Labour January 2016 April 2016
mobbsy91 Conservative April 2016 November 2016
TheDefiniteArticle Labour November 2016 February 2017
Obiejess Labour February 2017 October 2017
aidenj Labour October 2017 November 2017
Vitiate Conservative December 2017 February 2018
[NAME] Conservative February 2018 Incumbent