The Honourable

Shadow Secretary of State for Business & Industry and Work & Pensions
In office
February 9th 2017 - April 25th 2017
Leader mobbsy91
Preceded by adam9317
Succeeded by Vacant
Member of Parliament
In office
Janruary 11th 2017 - April 25th 2017
Leader mobbsy91

Deputy Leader of the Libertarian Party

May 15th-Present

Leader gcx
Preceded by gcx
Personal details
Known as Fleky
Political party

Conservative Party(December 2016 to Aprtil 2016)

Libertarian Party(April 2016-Present

Fleky6910 is the former Conservative Party MP. He was also the former Shadow Secretary for Business & Industry and Work & Pensions. He is currently a member of the Libertarian Party.

Early Career (December 2016 - January 2017)

Fleky6910 joined the MHoC in December 2016 and opted to join the Conservative Party. Following right_angle's resignation as an MP, Fleky6910 decided to stand in the subsequent election where he triumphed over Wilhuff Tarkin by 8 votes to 6. He was therefore appointed an MP just 3 weeks after joining the party.

First Major Election (January  2017)

Following adam9317's victory in the January 2017 Speakership Election, a Deputy Leadership election for the Conservative Party was triggered. Despite having been in the party for just 4 weeks, Fleky6910 decided to run in election. However, he lost to CoffeeGeek 12-4.

Shadow cabinet (February 2017)

mobbsy91 carried out a reshuffle of his Shadow Cabinet and Fleky6910 was appointed as the Shadow Secretary of State for Business & Industry and Work & Pensions.

Upon taking his new positions fleky created the following legislation while in office:

  • Minimum Wage Amendment Bill (in conjunction with Rakas21)
  • Negative income tax Bill (withdrawn)
  • Abolition of small tax burecracy

Defection to libertarian party

On the 25th April Fleky resigned membership of the conseravtive party and defetced to the libertarian party.

Libertarian Deputy leader

Following gcx's victory for the leadership, fleky decided to run for libertarian deputy leader against connor27. He triumphed over connor by the margin of 12-7