The Father of the House, known as the Mother of the House when held by a woman, is a title given to the member(s) with the longest continuous service as an MP. If the Father(s) of the House retire(s) from MP service, the title is reassigned to the next longest serving MP.

List of Fathers of the House

Until the eighth general election in November 2008, NDGAARONDI and Acaila remained the only members from the first parliament in May 2005. Following the departure of NDGAARONDI, Acaila became the first Father of the House as the longest serving MP in the House. Since her there have been 6 other Fathers of the House to date with the current one being Life_peer.

Member Party Took the title Surrendered the title MP Tenure
Acaila Monster Raving Loony May 2008 May 2009 May 2005 – May 2009
Robinson999 Labour May 2009 May 2011 December 2007 – May 2011
Thunder_Chunky Liberal Democrat May 2011 April 2012 May 2009 – April 2012
 TheCrackInTime (formerly aaran-j) Libertarian (formerly Independent, Conservative) April 2012 November 2012 May 2010 – November 2012
StatusRed (formerly xXedixXx) Labour November 2012 June 2014 May 2010 – June 2014
toronto353 Liberal (formerly UKIP) June 2014 April 2017 November 2010 – April 2017
Life_peer Conservative June 2014 incumbent November 2010 – present