Emily Porter
Assistant Government Whip
In office
August 2017
Member of Parliament
In office
November 2016 - August 2017
Personal details
Known as Emily
Profession Politician
Political Parties Labour Party

Emilia-Chevelle "Emily" Porter was an account secretly used by the banned member It's a Shame until he was found out in August 2017.

It's a Shame created the Emily Porter account in July 2016, joining the Labour Party once again in early August of that year. It's a Shame stated that he had a social stance somewhere in-between liberal and authoritarian and an economic stance of left of centre, supporting higher corporation tax. He became an MP after the 24th General Election in November 2016 and in June 2017, at the 25th General Election, Porter returned as an MP. In the 25th Parliamentary Term, It's a Shame was made Assistant Governmen Whip by then-Prime Minister Saracen's Fez.

In August 2017 however, Jacob E found the damning evidence to prove that Emily Porter was indeed the banned member It's a Shame and the account was banned. The Emilly Porter deceit would be known as Whiggygate 3.