The Honourable

Shadow Secretary for infastructure
Assumed Office
February 9th 2017
Leader of the Opposition mobbsy91
Preceded by adam9317
Member of Parliament
Assumed office
February 2nd 2017
Personal details
Known as DreamlinerFinder
Residence South East England
Political party Conservative Party

DreamlinerFinder is an MP for the Conservative Party and is the current Shadow Secretary of State for Infrastructure.

Early Career (January 2017 - present)

DreamlinerFinder joined the Conservative Party on the 3rd Janruary 2017. Shortly after, he ran to be an MP against eviebrizzle and won 5-3. He was then appointed an MP on the 2nd February 2017.

mobbsy91 carried out a reshuffle of his Shadow Cabinet in February 2017 and made DreamlinerFinder the Shadow Secretary of State for Infrastructure.

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