Deputy Speaker of the Commons
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Saracen's Fez
since 21 January 2018
Category Electable Position
Style Mr Deputy Speaker
(Informal and within the house)
The Right Honourable
Inaugural Deputy Speaker of the Commons daniel_williams
Number of Deputy Speakers 9

The Deputy Speaker of the Commons (often shortened to Deputy Speaker) acts as the presiding officer of the Model House of Commons when the Speaker of the Commons is absent. The office is currently held by Saracen's Fez, who was elected on 21 January 2018, following cranbrook_aspie's resignation as Deputy Speaker.

Unlike the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker does not have to be neutral at all times. This means that they can be part of a political party, be an MP, have a Cabinet or Shadow Cabinet position, and debate and vote on items. However, when they are conducting speakership business, they must remain neutral.

When the Speaker is going to be unable to conduct their responsibilites for a period of time, whether it is just a day or several weeks, the Deputy Speaker will be called upon to stand in as Speaker. The Deputy Speaker will also have to step in if the Speaker goes absent without leave.

One task which only the Deputy Speaker is expected to carry out is to run the termly Motion of Confidence in the Speaker. They may also carry out Speaker Elections if the outgoing Speaker does not wish to do it themselves and Motions of No Confidence in the Speaker. Also, the Deputy Speaker acts as a member of the Crisis Committee.

There is no set time for which a Deputy Speaker can serve and unlike Speakers, they do not have to pass a Vote of Confidence every term. They may also, however, face a Motion of No Confidence against them at any point in their tenure.

In January 2009, ukebert successfully passed an amendment to rename the Deputy Speaker position as 'Barman of the House of Commons'. However, the amendment was repealed and this particular title is no longer in use.

Deputy Speaker elections

Deputy Speaker elections occur when a Deputy Speaker resigns or is removed. The Speaker will oversee the election. Unlike Speaker elections, all MHoC members are eligible to stand. Also, the time frame of the election is a lot shorter, either 10 or 13 days depending on whether or not a second round is needed, and manifestos can be no longer than 100 words. In extreme circumstances, the moderation team can appoint a Deputy Speaker.

List of Deputy Speakers of the Commons

In April 2007, it was decided that a Deputy Speaker should be elected in stand in for the Speaker when they were away and daniel_williams was elected as the first Deputy Speaker. Since him, there have been 8 other Deputy Speakers, with daniel_williams serving as Deputy Speaker on two separate occasions.

Deputy Speakers who also served as Speaker at some point are marked with an asterisk.

Deputy Speaker Took office Left office
daniel_williams* April 2007 September 2008
ukebert January 2009 June 2009
DayneD89* June 2009 July 2009
Nothos July 2009 March 2010
Drogue March 2010 August 2010
daniel_williams* August 2010 February 2011
TheCrackInTime* February 2011 November 2012
toronto353 November 2012 February 2017
cranbrook_aspie February 2017 January 2018
Saracen's Fez* January 2018 Incumbent