Member of Parliament

The Rt. Honourable


Member of Parliament
In Office
December 2017 - present 
Parliament XVI: Seat 31 -Libertarian
Parliament XVII: Seat 13 - Conservative and Unionist Party
Deputy Leader of the Libertarian Party
In Office
February 7th 2018 - May 13th 2018
Leader: CatusStarbright
Preceded by: CatusStarbright
Succeeded by: Connor27
Spokesman for Constitutional Affairs and Civil Liberties
In Office
January 2018 - Febuary 7th 2018
Preceded by: Position established 
Suceeded by: Saunders16
Secretary of State for Education
In Office
March 10th 2018 - June 2018
Prime Minister: PetrosAC
Preceded by: ns_2

Succeeded by : ns_2

Deputy Chief Whip
In Office
March 10th 2018 - May 13th 2018
Prime Minister: PetrosAC
Preceded by: PetrosAC

Succeeded by: Vacant

Secretary of State for Health
In Office
June 7th -present 
Prime Minister: Life_Peer
Preceded by: Conceited

Succeeded by : 

Personal Details
Known as Count Damien of Brandenburg
Nationality British
Political party

Libertarian Party (October 24th 2017 - May 21st 2018)

Conservative and Unionist Party ( May 21st 2018 - present)

Residence Birmingham, United Kingdom

CountBrandenburg is an MHOC member and current Deputy Leader of the TSR Libertarian Party. He joined after being interested in politics for a few years, being recruited by his friend, TCFactor 

Early Career

CountBrandenburg joined the Libertarian party the day he turned 17, having been drawn into it by his friend TCF. Once within the party, he slowly but surely made himself known, whilst making acquaintence with Connor, Joe and Jammy. Upon joining, he learnt that CoffeeGeek was a friend of his, and had been temptedinto defecting to the Conservatives during his first month in the house.

Having changed his vote on the first VoNC in Saunders16 , then leader of the Libertarians, to Nay, despite not being too content with Saunders' actions, he was thrust into shattered relationships with Connor, Joe and Jammy. Having sited his reason for changing his vote as being dissatisfied with the three's attacks, he backed down on critisism, seeing it beneficial to stay quiet.

Playing a part in forming the Libertarian Party Council, Damien sort to ensure he was in prominence within the party, using his position to become more active within the house. He produced his first bill, a semi-joke Sprouts bill, and running against Catus for leadership, ultimately finishing with zero votes.

Deputy Leadership (February - May 2018)

With the victory of Catus, came a deputy leadership election. Damien ran against his friend TCF for the place, and whilst both admitted neither were a good candidate, they nonetheless competed with each other into a drawn first round. The second round was more clear cut, with Damien receiving more votes, becoming the next Liber deputy leader. Saunders was elected to replace Damien in his council position.

Knowing full well that his friend intended to leave the party, Damien kept quiet on things whilst TCF organised his more extravagant departure, insisting that neither could currently hold official ties. 

With the fall of CoffeeGeek's government, Damien helped negotiate terms with the liberals and Connor27 to form a government, where he has taken the role of Education secretary and Assistant Chief Whip.  

Following a fiasco or two across his tenure as Deputy Leader, Damien had a MoNC submitted in him by his party - the impetus being a MoNC in the government being seconded by himself. He later resigned, following on from Saunders. 

Personal Life

As an avid RPG lover, Damien prefers games such as Kingdom Hearts, Persona 5 and Pokemon. Not a particularly avid online gamer, instead prefering single player, longer games.

Once known as a socialist (ask CoffeeGeek for details), he left behind his left wing and labour tendancies after the 2017 snap election, having begun to find Labour inconsistent and having been exposed more right wing personalities.

Damien is also a classical guitarist and pianist.