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At present, there are six political parties in the Model House of Commons:

There have also been several Independents in the past too.

Defunct Parties

The Model House of Commons has seen a variety of parties since its formation. Some have since been deleted, usually due to inactivity and a terminal decline in membership. There are seven former parties from the Model House of Commons that longer exist:

The Crisis Committee is now also defunct but it was a cross-party group, not a single party. The Crisis Committee Constitution dictated how it was run.

Cabinet Positions



Shadow Cabinet Positions

Other Positions


Those with very Lengthy Tenures serving as Speaker, Deputy Speaker and party positions are honoured in a list.

Items for Debate

You can also find a list of crises on the Crisis Committee page.


You can find a list of all previous General Elections and By-Elections on the Elections page.

Types of Elections

There are details about Speakership elections and Deputy Speakership elections on the Speaker and Deputy Speaker pages.

General Elections


Speakership Elections

Deputy Speakership Elections


Shadow Cabinets

Parliamentary Terms


In addition the major scandals, there have been several other controversies too.