Constituency Proposals
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Put Forward In April 2015, October 2016, April 2017, June 2017
Put Forward By Aph, PetrosAC, Unown Uzer

There have been many Constituency Proposals in the Model House of Commons over the years. However, despite the many attempts to create constituencies, they have never existed for any meaningful amount of time.

From 2005 - 2006, constituencies were in place in the MHoC but their usage constantly fluctuated and there was no clear system in place of what constituencies there were and how people would be assigned them. As a result, in September 2006, the House voted to remove them altogether.

In April 2015, Aph proposed an amendment to introduce constituencies. Under his amendment, constituency boundaries would be the same as the ones used in European elections and each constituency would get 3 seats. However, some members claimed that it was too complicated and others said that the current system worked perfectly well, with Saracen's Fez saying 'we have pretty much as good as it gets for an online electoral system at the moment.' The amendment was voted on and it was crushed with 25 voting against and just 7 voting in favour.

PetrosAC put forward an amendment in October 2016 that would create simulated general elections. In other words, instead of using a poll to decide the result of general elections, the Speaker would rank all the MHoC members on a table by taking into account certain variables such as what position they held in the previous term and how much legislation they had submitted. After this had been completed, the newly MPs would be linked to constituencies, each of which contained between 1 and 3 seats. As with Aph's amendment, some members dismissed the amendment as they were happy with the current system. Following a second reading, PetrosAC decided to withdraw the amendment.

In April 2017, Unown Uzer proposed a constituencies motion, which would allow MPs to be responsible for a constituency. Some members however once again shared their view that they believed that constituencies in the MHoC would be pointless. Other members liked the idea of constituencies but were not convinced that that was the best way to go about implementing them. Whilst the motion was not voted on, after the 25th General Election in June 2017, Unown Uzer asked MPs to pick a constituency to represent. However, these were never made official and as such the constituencies were almost non-existant in that term.

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