Chairperson of the Libertarian Party
Assumed office
April 2017
Leader Gladstone1885
Preceded by Position created
Personal details
Known as Connor
Nationality British
Political party Green Party (October 2016 - November 2016)
Liberal Party (November 2016 - January 2017)
Libertarian Party (January 2017 - Present)
Residence West Yorkshire

Connor27 is a member and chair of the Libertarian Party and is currently serving as the party's Spokesperson for Defence & International Diplomacy.

Early Career (October 2016 - present)

Connor27 joined the Model House of Commons in October 2016. He was initially unsure which party to join, describing himself as a hardcore neoliberal. However, after Lime-man assured him that he was trying to make the Green Party a broadchurch libertarian party, Connor decided to join them. However, his membership of the party was short-lived. After the party had failed to submit a manifesto for the 24th General Election, Connor defected to the Liberal Party. When ByronicHero first put forward his proposal for a new Libertarian Party in January 2017 though, Connor decided he wanted to try something different so he left the Liberal Party. When the party was formed the following month, Connor joined the new party and was appointed as the Spokesperson for Defence & International Diplomacy.

Political Views

Connor is a staunch defender of the free market and economic liberalism (and is in fact a member of the Conservative Party in real life) and identifies as an individualist libertarian. His political idols include Jeremy Browne, David Davis and David Laws.