The Right Honourable

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
Assumed Office
March 2018
Chancellor of the Exchequer
In Office
June 2017 - December 2017
Preceded by TheDefiniteArticle
Succeeded by AfcWimbledon2
Chairman of the Liberal Party
In Office
November 2016 - December 2017
Leader PetrosAC
Preceded by Paracosm
Crisis Committee Representative
In Office
February 2017 - March 2017
Chair Joecphillips
Preceded by PetrosAC
Succeeded by Airmed
Member of Parliament
Assumed OfficeMarch 2018

In Office
January 2017 - December 2017

Personal details
Known as Conceited
Nationality British
Residence London, United Kingdom
Profession Politician
Political Party Liberal Party

Conceited is a British Liberal Party politician, who is a Member of Parliament. He served as Chancellor of the Exchequer under Prime Minister RayApparently and later Saracen's Fez from June 2017 to December 2017. He has also served as Chairman of the Liberal Party.

Early Career (May 2016 - November 2016)

Conceited joined the Liberal Party in May 2016 and spent his first couple months in the party more or less on the backburner. In February, after the resignation of thehistorybore, he contested in an election for Deputy Leadership of his party against ParacosmTitancream and Joecphillips. Paracosm had won the election triggering a consecutive election for Chair, his previous role.

Chairmanship (November 2016 - December 2017)

As Chairman, Conceited was the third highest-ranking member of the party after PetrosAC and Paracosm respectively. He ran as the only candidate following a previous election where members had withdrawn their candidacy. He won the majority and then went on to serve as Transport and Infrastructure Spokesperson. He resigned from this post mid-December 2017.

First Leadership Bid (April 2017)

After Adam9317 resigned as Speaker and Petros's subsequent candidacy, a leadership election was triggered within the Liberal Party. The two candidates for this election were Conceited and LifeIsFine. Neither candidate won the election with the party voting to re-open nominations. The leadership election following that was contested between ParacosmHazzer1998 and Mr T 999 with Paracosm winning emphatically.

Chancellorship (July 2017-December 2017)

At the 25th General Election in 2017, the Liberal Party had managed to gain 8 seats under the leadership of Paracosm. The Liberals then entered a coalition with Labour and the Socialists . After deliberations within the party and discussions among the new coalition partners, Conceited had decided to put himself forward as Chancellor of the Exchequer which his party agreed to. During his tenure, Conceited had not overseen the implementation of much economic policy. He did create a Budget Report however. This had ultimately failed. Soon after its arrival to the House at large, the Liberal Party decided to leave the coalition instigating a General Election.

Cabinet Role (December 2017-Present)

During the first government of the 26th Parliament, Conceited served as Minister for Public Health. This government dissolved on 2nd March 2018 and a new one soon formed comprised of the Liberal and Libertarian Parties. He now serves as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster where he is responsible for the administration of the Duchy.

Legislation Created

With the help of his party members, MHoC members and other relevant persons, Conceited has created the following legislation:


Civil Partnership Act (Amendment) 2017

Investigatory Powers (Repeal) Act 2017

British Prisons Nationalisation Bill 2017

Voting Age Reduction Bill 2017


UK-Saudi Arms Trade Motion 2017

Budget Reports

The People's Budget Report 2017