The Right Honourable

Secretary of State for Energy and Environment
Assumed office
 27 February 2017 - 25 May 2017
Prime Minister RayApparently
Preceded by Kay_Winters
Succeeded by Afcwimbledon2
Member of Parliament

In office
August 2016 - September 2016 
November 2016 - 25th May 2017

Member of Parliament
In Office
15 June 2017 - present
Personal details
Known As Coffee, CAP, CoffeeAndPolitics
Nationality British


Political Ideology


Political Parties

Labour Party (August 2016 - 25 May 2017)
Liberal Party (25 May 2017 - present)

CoffeeAndPolitics is the Liberal Party MP for South East London. He is currently serving as the Minister for the Environment.

Early Career (August 2016 - September 2016)

CoffeeAndPolitics joined the Labour Party in August 2016 when he was recruited by Quamquam123. He served as a proxy MP for a short period before being successfully elected as a permanent MP, replacing Rex Onocrotalus. CoffeeAndPolitics suddenly left the MHoC in September 2016, having struggled to balance his private life. His vacated seat was subsequently lost due to his failure to notify the party about the situation. In By-Election IX, his seat was won by Premier_Hirohito of UKIP.

Becoming an MP again (November 2016 - February 2017)

CoffeeAndPolitics returned in November 2016, following the 24th General Election in which the Labour Party won its largest share of seats ever in the MHoC. He put his name forward for the subsequent election to determine who filled the 17 seats and was successful. Prior to entering office once more, he had apologised to his colleagues for going absent without leave and promised that it would not happen again.CoffeeAndPolitics took part in a deputy leadership election in the Labour Party but narrowly lost to Kay_Winters.

Cabinet Role (February 2017 - 25th May 2017)

On 27th February 2017, then-Prime Minister RayApparently announced a cabinet reshuffle and CoffeeAndPolitics was appointed as the Secretary of State for Energy and Environment, a role which also encompassed food and rural affairs. During his tenure in this role, CoffeeAndPolitics released several pieces of legislation in response to Crisis 10: Severe Bee Crisis, which was released by the Crisis Committee, and worked behind the scenes to prepare legislation related to his department.

Legislation Created

With the help and advice of his fellow party members, CoffeeAndPolitics has created the following legislation:


Personal Life

CoffeeAndPolitics is a keen supporter of Liverpool FC and his favourite players are Sadio Mane, Philippe Coutinho, Daniel Sturridge, Adam Lallana, Joel Matip and Georgino Wijnaldum. He is friends with CoffeeGeek, whom he persuaded to join the MHoC, despite sharing different political views. CoffeeAndPolitics is a Centrist.

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