Chancellor of the Exchequer
since 7 June 2018
Category Cabinet position
Style The Right Honourable
Inaugural Chancellor of the Exchequer Agent Smith
Number of Chancellors 26

The Chancellor of the Exchequer (often shortened to Chancellor) is a senior official within the Government and head of Her Majesty's Treasury. The position is considered one of the four Great Offices of State, one of the four positions that every Government must include, and in recent times has come to be the the most powerful office after the Prime Minister. The Chancellor is usually responsible for all economic and financial matters in the country. The current Chancellor of the Exchequer is Rakas21, who was appointed by Prime Minister Life_peer on 7 June 2018.

As with all the Cabinet posts, Chancellors are often appointed by the Prime Minister. They are normally people who have at least a foundation understanding of Economics. However, as it is such a major role, a few members have suggested in the past that Government members should elect their Chancellor.

It is common for there to be a Chief Secretary to the Treasury in the Government too. They will work closely with the Chancellor and their remits may frequently cross. The Chancellor may also often work with the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy due to the overlap between their roles.


The Chancellor's principal job is to dictate fiscal policy. The Chancellor has considerable control over other departments as they can determine the budget of each department. However, some Chancellors have more influence than others, depending on their personal forcefulness, their status within the party and their relationship with the Prime Minister. Within the Government, the Chancellor may also be required to assist members with the costings on legislation.

Each term the Chancellor is expected to release a Budget Report which should detail their fiscal policies and spending plans for the term. This is traditionally followed by a Finance Bill later in the term which MPs will vote on.

List of Chancellors of the Exchequer

Agent Smith was appointed as the first Chancellor for the Liberal Democrat Party following the second general election and since him, there have been 25 other Chancellors.

Chancellor Party Took office Left office
Agent Smith Liberal December 2005 May 2006
Sollnvictus Conservative June 2006 November 2006
Dionysus Labour December 2007 May 2008
Jangrafess Labour June 2008 November 2008
Bagration Conservative November 2008 May 2009
Drogue Centre December 2009 April 2010
Teaddict Conservative May 2010 October 2011
davidicy147 Labour October 2011 February 2012
Maddog Jones Labour February 2012 March 2012
Jarred Conservative April 2012 September 2012
Faland Socialist October 2012 March 2013
MacDaddi Libertarian April 2013 September 2013
Birchington Liberal September 2013 March 2014
Faland Socialist April 2014 September 2014
MacDaddi Liberal October 2014 February 2015
Green_Pink Liberal February 2015 July 2015
PetrosAC Liberal
August 2015
Jarred Liberal October 2015 December 2015
Lime-man Labour December 2015 February 2016
United1892 Labour February 2016 March 2016
TeeEff Conservative April 2016 November 2016
TheDefiniteArticle Labour November 2016 June 2017
Conceited Liberal June 2017 November 2017
Afcwimbledon2 Liberal December 2017 March 2018
Saunders16 Libertarian March 2018 May 2018
Connor27 Libertarian May 2018 June 2018
Rakas21 Conservative June 2018 incumbent

Chancellor's Curse

Some of the more superstitious members of the House believe in the existence of a 'Chancellor's Curse'. This is a phenomenon whereby the Chancellor becomes completely inactive or something happens to them following their tenure. Theories of the curse first arose in late 2015/early 2016 when things started happening to former Chancellors: Green_Pink (Saoirse:3) received a 6 month ban due to Saoirsegate, Jarred became inactive, Lime-man supposedly left the MHoC when in fact he defected to the Conservative Party on his new account, and United1892 became inactive. Members got so concerned by the strange happenings that in March 2016, Tanqueray91 even proposed an amendment that called on the Government to launch a full investigation into the curse. Aph pointed out that the curse had existed even longer than people imagined as MacDaddi had vanished at the start of the 20th Parliamentary Term and other people highlighted Faland too. The amendment subsequently passed in the Division Lobby by 26 votes to 7.