Centre Party
Centre Party Logo
Last Leaders Cab12 & Jsb123
Last Deputy Leader Seba_Nile
Founded June 2009
Dissolved December 2011
Ideology Centrism
Political position Centre
Colours      Purple
House of Commons

Founded in mid 2009 by Drogue and others including independent MP Kolya in the hope of bridging the chasm between the left and the right, the Centre Party went on to produce some of the most successful bills in the term winning over both political dimensions. At their first election in November 2009, they managed to win 4 MP seats in Parliament, missing out on 5 by a single vote. Subsequent elections have resulted in the party winning around 4/5 MPs. Drogue resigned as leader in mid 2010 and Smack replaced him. In mid 2011, Smack resigned, and was replaced by cab12 and jsb123 in joint leadership.,

After the April 2011 election, the Centre Party entered into a coalition with Labour, TSR UKIP and the Lib Dems. After leaving government following the Autumn 2011 election, the party became inactive and was deleted. All remaining members joined the Lib Dems.

Electoral performance

The Centre Party stood in 5 General Elections, with its best performance coming in the October 2010 General Election where it won 5 seats.

This table shows how the Centre Party performed in General Elections before its closure in December 2011:

Election Votes Vote % Rank Seats Change in Seats Outcome of Election
November 2009 40 8.75% 6th
N/A Liberal Democrat-Conservative-Centre Coalition
May 2010 33 7.11% 7th
No Change Conservative-Libertarian-UKIP Coalition
October 2010 35 9.75% 4th
Increase 1 Conservative-Libertarian Coalition
April 2011 82 7.70% 6th
Decrease 1 Labour-Liberal Democrat-Centre-UKIP Coalition
October 2011 27 5.65% 7th
Decrease 1 Labour-Liberal Democrat Coalition


There were 5 Centre Leaders with Kolya being the first one, and cab12 and jsb123 being the last ones.

Leader Took office Left office
Kolya June 2009 January 2010
Drogue January 2010 May 2010
Smack May 2010 September 2011
cab12 September 2011 December 2011
jsb123 October 2011 December 2011

Note that the tenures of cab12 and jsb123 overlap because between October 2011 and December 2011, they served as dual leaders.

Deputy Leader

There were 3 Centre Deputy Leaders with MO being the first one and Seba_Nile being the last one. Drogue was the only Deputy Leader to have also served as Leader.

Deputy Leader Took office Left office
MO June 2009 January 2010
January 2010
Seba_Nile April 2011 December 2011
It is worth noting that Drogue spent just 9 days as Deputy Leader.
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