The Honourable
Deputy Leader of the Libertarian Party
In office
November 2017 - January 2018
Leader Saunders16
Preceded by Joep95
Succeeded by CountBrandenburg
Leader of the Libertarian Party
In office January 2018 - Present
Preceded by Saunders16
Member of Parliament
In office
November 2017 - present
Personal details
Known as Catus
Nationality British
Profession Politician
Political Parties Libertarian Party

CatusStarbright (often known as Catus) is the current Deputy Leader of the Libertarian Party.

Early Career (April 2017 - present)

Catus joined the MHoC in April 2017, stating that 'I'm not looking for a major commitment, but want to start getting involved in a minor capacity.' She opted to join the Libertarian Party. For seven months she was inactive but when she got back involved in November 2017, she quickly rose up the ranks, becoming an MP and replacing Joep95 as Deputy Leader of the party. Following the resignation of Saunders16 in January 2018, she was elected Leader.

Political views

Catus has a centre-left social stance. She supports gay marriage, is pro-choice rather than pro-life, and doesn't agree with the death penalty. Economically, she's centre-right. Catus believes the government should aim to cut public spending in order to reduce the deficit and tentatively with privatising the NHS in the belief that competition for government funding would raise the standard of care patients receive.