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By-Election VII, July 2016
27 June 2016 - 21 July 2016
Gc Birch Blank
Candidate george c00per Birchington Adam9317
Party Labour Liberal Conservative
1st Rd. Votes 34 23 22
1st Rd. % 33.3% 22.5% 21.6%

Blank Lynx
Candidate ABoyHasNoName Aph
Party UKIP Independents
1st Rd. Votes 17 3
1st Rd. % 16.7% 2.9%
Incumbent MP
National Liberal Party
george c00per
Labour Party

By-Election VII took place at the beginning of July 2016. It was triggered after the then-Speaker, Saracen's Fez, decided to close down the National Liberal Party after complete inactivity in their subforum.


In the ensuing by-election, there were five candidates:

- adam9317, endorsed by the Conservative Party, had only recently left UKIP. His manifesto described how he had gained experience from his previous positions which included both UKIP Party Leader and Acting Prime Minister, and he pledged to maintain his 100% voting record, make the government work for the British people and remain 'pragmatic for greater good.'

- Former Speaker, Liberal Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Birchington, was hoping to celebrate his return to the House with a win. In his brief manifesto, he promised to push for a sensible economic plan, the legalisation of euthanasia, the protection of all civil liberties and the liberalisation of the prison system.

- Ambitious newbie george_c00per (Rex Onocrotalus), was representing the Labour Party. Among other things, his manifesto promised to create a bracketed system of corporation tax, ensure that all state-educated students learn the National curriculum from properly qualified teachers and reform trade unions.

- ABoyHasNoName, endorsed by UKIP, had not been active in the MHoC before. His manifesto attacked the other parties, even labelling the Conservative-Liberal Government as 'disastrous'. It also included that he would implement a tougher border control system, make it easier for veterans to find jobs and ensure that Britain remained on good trading terms with the EU, even if it left.

- Aph, who had resigned from the Liberal Party a few weeks ago, was standing as an Independent. Many people complained that his manifesto hurt their eyes due to its unqiue formatting. Aph listed some of the policies that he supports which include anti-austerity, environmentalism, federalism, drug liberalisation and non-interventionism.

By-Election Process

Conservative Deputy Leader, Tanqueray91, declared that he had 'no idea' who george_c00per and ABoyHasNoName were.

During the election, PetrosAC announced his intentions for the first time to make simulated elections using a variety of variables.

There was a lengthy wait between the exit poll and the official release of the results but eventually, it was revealed that somewhat surprisingly, george_c00per had won the election with 34 votes.

The voting patterns for the by-election were as follows:


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