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By-Election VIII, July-August 2016
July-August 2016
Joel2 Ben C
Candidate JoeL1994 BenC1997 Jacob E
Party Labour Liberal UKIP
1st Rd. Votes 48 34 21
1st Rd. % 45.28% 32.08% 19.91%

Incumbent MP
By-Election VIII took place at the end of July 2016 and the start of August. It was triggered after then-Speaker, Saracen's Fez, stripped Green Leader Andy98 of his seat after he had been flagged up in voting reviews twice in one term. It was the second by-election in the just space of a month.


In the ensuing by-election, there were three candidates:

- JoeL1994, having recently joined the Labour Party, was hoping to be more successful in this election than he had been in the March By-Election where he had come last. In his manifesto, he claimed that he had 'real Labour values and the conviction to fight for them.' Furthermore, he promised to introduce more low emission zones, cut university tuition fees and protect public services if a TTIP trade deal came into force.

- Jacob E, endorsed by UKIP, had resigned from his seat in the hope of gaining his party another one in the by-election. He did not initially reveal this however, previously announcing that he would be absent from the MHoC indefinitely. He used the same manifesto that ABoyHasNoName had in the last by-election.

- Although a member of the Liberal Party, BenC1997 was endorsed by both Government parties. As well as reducing foreign aid and decriminalising Class C drugs, his manifesto also pledged to reduce tuition fees, but only for STEM subjects.

By-Election Process

After Tanqueray91 pointed out the lack of a Socialist candidate and suggested a sign of things to come, cranbrook_aspie announced that they did not stand because they did not want to split the left-wing vote.

After Quamquam123 stated he had 'never heard of' BenC1997. However, the latter reminded him that he had offered him a place in the Labour Party just a few months previously, much to the amusement of several members.

The official results were revealed significantly quicker than the last by-election and they revealed that JoeL1994 had been an elected an MP, boosting Labour's seat total ever more.

The voting patterns for the by-election were as follows:


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