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By-Election IX, October 2016
October 2016
Right angle Blank
Candidate right_angle Premier_Hirohito
Party UKIP Conservative

By-Election IX took place in October 2016. It was triggered after then-Speaker, Saracen's Fez, stripped Imperion and CoffeeAndPolitics of their seats after they had been flagged up in voting reviews twice in one term.

Soem members criticised the Speaker's decision to hold the by-election in the first place as the newly elected MPs would have just a few days before their seats would be taken away again in preparation for the 24th General Election. Aph encouraged members to boycott the election and RayApparently branded the election as 'a colossal waste of time'.

Nevertheless, Saracen's Fez still decided to run the election. However, as only right_angle for the Conservative Party and Premier_Hirohito for UKIP stood, the by-election did not progress to the debating and voting round.

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