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A budget report is the departmental review of the Treasury. It is usually produced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and released on behalf of the government. Due to their sheer length of complexity, it is common for the Chief Secretary to the Treasury to play an important role in their creation too. Although not required, governments are expected to release a budget report every term. There are no rules regarding the formatting of budget reports.

Budget Reports usually serve three purposes. Firstly, they typically contain all the revenues obtained by the government and all the expenditures of the public sector for that term. Secondly, they demonstrate how much each department is going to spend. For this bit, Cabinet members often contribute a section on their department. Thirdly, it sets out all the economic policies the government is hoping to achieve. As budget reports are just departmental reviews, they do not affect the TSR Law in any way. Governments usually attempt to enshrine the policies laid out in their budget report through a Finance Bill later in the term.

Budget reports have been around for many years but are becoming increasingly more common. A few, but certainly not all, budget reports have been recorded in the Statement of Intent Hansard, which is updated by the Speaker. This archive details which Chancellor proposed a budget report and when they proposed it. When budget reports are put to the House, they are given an item reference. This will be 'S' followed by a number. Statements are also included in the Statement of Intent Hansard and are given the same item reference.

Budget report procedure

As they are departmental reviews, budget reports follow the same procedure as statements of intent. To submit a budget report, the government (usually the Prime Minister) will either tag or send a private message to the Speaker. The Speaker should then acknowledge the budget report, create a thread for it in the main forum, and include the new budget report in their MHoC update. The budget report will stay in the House for a maximum of six days when it will then either be withdrawn or sent to vote. It is worth noting that the government has the power to withdraw a budget report at any stage.

List of budget reports

The first official budget report was the Budget Report for Parliament XI in August 2010. Since then, there have been 8 other budget reports.

Budget Report Chancellor Released Result
Budget Report for Parliament XI Drogue August 2010 (late release) Passed without vote
Budget Report for Parliament XV Jarred July 2012 Passed without vote
Budget Report for Parliament XVIII Birchington March 2014 Passed without vote
Budget Report for Parliament XXI PetrosAC August 2015 Passed without vote
Budget Report for Parliament XXII Lime-man October 2015 Passed without vote
Budget Report for Parliament XXIII TeeEff July 2016 Passed without vote
Budget Report for Parliament XXIV TheDefiniteArticle April 2017 Failed
Budget Report for Parliament XV Conceited November 2017 Withdrawn
Budget Report for Parliament XVI Saunders16 April 2018 Failed

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