British Nationalist Party
Last Leader Miles
Founded May 2005
Dissolved January 2006
Ideology Nationalism
Right-wing populism
Political position Far-Right
Colours      Dark Blue
House of Commons

The British Nationalist Party (shortened to BNP) was one of the founding members of the MHoC. However, over time many of their members were banned from TSR for serious rule breaking and their activity dropped. The party was eventually deleted due to inactivity. Although there have been attempts since then to reform the BNP, these have not only struggled to achieve the required numbers but also been met with opposition by many other MHoC members, making such an event unlikely.

Electoral performance

The British Nationalist Party stood in the first 3 General Elections, with its best performance coming in the November 2005 General Election where it won 3 seats.

This table shows how the BNP performed in General Elections before its closure in January 2006:

Election Votes Vote % Rank Seats Change in Seats Outcome of Election
May 2005 N/A 32.66% 8th
N/A Liberal Democrat Minority
November 2005 N/A 17.47% 7th
Increase 3 Liberal Democrat Minority
May 2006 11 21.97% 8th
Decrease 2 Conservative-Monster Raving Loony Coalition


Miles was the first and last Leader of the BNP.

Leader Took office Left office
Miles May 2005 January 2006
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