The Right Honourable
Deputy Prime Minister
In office
July 2015 - August 2015
Prime Minister Kittiara
Preceded by Airmed
Succeeded by Jarred
Speaker of the Commons
Assumed office
January 2017
Deputy Speaker toronto353


Preceded by Saracen's Fez
Succeeded by TBC
Leader of UKIP
In Office
July 2014 - September 2015
Deputy Leader notneb

Jacob E

Preceded by bun
Succeeded by Jacob E
Personal details
Known as Adam
Nationality British
Political party Conservative
Residence Northern Ireland
Profession Politician

Adam9317 (commonly referred to by his first name Adam) is a former UKIP Leader and former Deputy Prime Minister, as well as the current Speaker of the House of Commons. Having been a member of UKIP since June 2014, Adam defected to the Conservative Party in July 2016.

Adam became an MP very soon after joining UKIP, and was one of the 3 members who held various leadership roles up to the end of 2015; alongside Jacob E and notneb.

Although residing on the backbenches throughout the majority of his career, Adam was Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Prime Minister for a short duration under Kittiara's Green-UKIP-Liberal government. In parliament XXIV, Adam was a member of the shadow cabinet.

Adam has also stood in a election for Speakership, coming 3rd in the initial poll, whilst also having been a member of the Crisis Committee for a period of time until May 2016, as UKIP's representative.

He later defected to the Conservative Party during the 23rd Parliament.

Adam clearly has right wing political views; having expressed his desires for a free market economy. Having right wing views, he is known for admiring the work of Mrs Margaret Thatcher.

His Speakership is notable for seeing the Libertarian Form under controversial circumstances and long-serving Deputy Speaker, toronto353 resigning from the role after 4 years of service.

He later contested as an independent candidate in the 25th General Election.