October 2014 300px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg? 2015
21st General Election, July 2015
All 50 seats in the House of Commons
First party Second party Third party
LabourConservative logo 2006.svg Green Party of England and Wales logo.svg
Leader RayApparently Life_peer Kittiara
Party Labour Conservative Greens
Seats before 9 9 13
Seats won 15 12 8
Seat change Increase 6 Increase 3 Decrease 5
Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Ukip2 TSR Liberals logo small TSR SOCIALIST PARTY new torch logo 2
Leader Adam9317 Airmed Collective Leadership
Party UKIP Liberal Socialist
Seats before 7 5 5
Seats won 7 5 3
Seat change No change No change Decrease 2